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Classic Virtual Airlines (CVA) is a gathering of some of the worlds most classic airlines. Most are now gone, but none are forgotton. Don't expect the site to be all bells and whistles, the goal is to offer a VA that allows you to fly routes from the Classics. There is a nice assortment of airlines to choose from. You can only choose one as your assigned airline but you can fly routes from any of them. We encourage you to search old time tables and build your own flight. We are using a custom made kAcars as our flight reporting device. You can create your own flight by selecting the charter function and then choosing the proper aircraft in which to fly the route. Please be sure to place in the comments section what year and timetable you chose the flight from. We will be slowly adding actual routes from each airline but this will be a slow process. We will not be offering any equipment downloads at this time, only airline timetables. We are sure you can find the equipment you choose to fly at all the available flight sim web sites. Below are listed the current airlines. If you have a favorite choose the matching main hub for that airline to be a part of. This is not a requirement as the goal here is to just fly and have fun! It is also a great opportunity to share with others your knowledge about your favorite Classic Airline! None of the airlines are currently operating, all flights scheduled will be from their actual timetables. Hence they are Classic Airlines, flying only classic equipment!

Currently the Classic Airlines listed with their Main Assigned Hub are:

Air California-(KSNA), Allegheny-(KDCA), Braniff-(KDFW), DragonAir-(VHHX), Fiji Airways-(NFFN),
Hapag-Lloyd Flug-(EDDV), North Central-(KMSP), Northeast-(KBOS), NorthWest Orient-(KMSP), Southern-(KATL) and Western-(KLAX)

Even though it is not a "Classic" airline, in having retired from United Parcel Service (UPS), I had to include UPS airline operations. Included with UPS is Centurion Air Cargo, an owned subsidiary of UPS which is used as Classic Virtual Airlines Cargo carrier. UPS is headquartered in Louisville KY at KSDF and Centurion is headquartered at Miami, KMIA.

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